About Zengage Design

Kelly Zengage Nelius

Kelly Zengage Nelius

Web Designer

Hi there. I’m Kelly Nelius, the face behind Zengage Design.

I’m a self-proclaimed information addict that can barely get through a conversation without googling something. I grew up at the onset of internet culture, and bare witness to the incredible way that it has changed our world. Having the world’s knowledge at my fingertips excites me, but what is even more exciting is the role that the Internet plays in community building and expression. We use the Internet to gather information, but we also use it as a place to express identity, learn from each other, interact, and make ourselves heard. I love working with and for this exchange of ideas. The Internet is a fantastic place for any individual or business hoping to make their mark.

I find the act of building a website a perfect balance between the creative and the analytical. I love to balance the logic and precision necessary when working with programming languages and the strong sense of aesthetics needed when working with color and composition.

I have a background in both social anthropology, and library and information science. These disciplines have taught me the importance of considering the perspective of the user during the design process. My goal when building a website is to create an online space that is engaging, simple, and keeps people coming back.


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