Using Facebook to Promote Your Website


I enjoy design work and love working with customers, but it’s no secret that the marketing aspect of owning a small business has never been my strong suit. For example, I’ve only given out two business card. Ever.  (And, surprisingly, one of them got me two design contracts!)  I visited my Facebook page the other day and realized it had been nearly a year since I posted anything. Whoops.


Thinking about marketing

Because summer is here and I have some extra time to spare, I’ve begun to start thinking about marketing my business.  I’ve started by turning my attention to my neglected Facebook page, and figured I’d share my plan with others who might want to start thinking about how to market their small business. Here are four steps for any individual or small business interested in promoting their website using Facebook:


Step 1: Your Facebook Page

Let’s start with the obvious. Be sure you have a Facebook page for your business or individual project, and fill it out completely. Make sure that your website and contact information is listed on the page. Ask your friends to like your page, and to share it with their own friends. Set up a schedule and post to your account regularly.

How to set up a Business Page on Facebook


Step 2: Link to content on your website

When announcing a new product, service, or event be sure to post information about it on your website and then post a link to that page of the website on your Facebook page. This will drive people to your website. In the long run, higher traffic on your website will result in your website appearing higher in search engine results, so do this regularly. SEO (search engine optimization) is vital to website health, and bringing traffic to your website is just the beginning.

Learn more about SEO


Step 3: Ask for Ratings & Reviews

If your Facebook page is set up as a local business, ask customers to rate & review your business on your Facebook page. It will give your page more credibility, and as a bonus, the star ratings show up in google search results, adding authority to your business and increasing visitors to your website.

Asking for a Review on Facebook


Step 4: Consider paying to promote your website

Learn about paying to promote your website to a targeted audience, or to advertise special deals on Facebook. Depending on your situation, this can be beneficial in bringing you new leads or increasing engagement with your current customers.

Using Facebook Ads to Promote your Business

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