Website Design

Do you need a website?

I build websites using WordPress, a powerful open-source Content Management System (CMS) that allows for easy updating. This means you won’t need to get your hands dirty in web coding languages every time you want to make an edit or addition to your website. With WordPress, you will be able to easily take control of your site without any specialized knowledge. (Or purchase a maintenance package and I’ll take care of it all for you.)


Why is WordPress great?

Many people are familiar with WordPress as a tool for blogging, but it is so much more than that! Nearly 75 million sites are powered by WordPress. The WordPress community is robust and involved, meaning that it is frequently updated with the latest technology and industry best practices, and is secure and stable.  It also means that there are an endless number of available plugins to add on to your site, allowing easy incorporation of nearly any website functionality that you require. Need a calendar, a map, a membership site, an eCommerce store? WordPress can do it all.


Free Training or Maintenance – You Decide!

All of my website design contracts come with a choice between free training or maintenance. You can select a training course to get you ready to take over the reigns on your new website. Don’t want to spend the time or energy messing with your website? Choose instead to get your first three months of a basic maintenance package free!

What to Expect: The Design Process

Step 1: Quote

First, you’ll request a no obligation quote.

You can begin by filling out an online form to request a quote. Or, if you’d prefer, you can email me to set up a chat by phone, Skype, or in person (within driving distance from Palmer, Alaska). The goal of this consultation will be to get a picture about exactly what you’ll need for your new website. We’ll talk about aesthetics, branding, content, and site structure.  You’ll come away from this step with your questions answered and knowing what to expect. When the consultation process is complete, I’ll have enough information to put together a price quote for you.

Step 2: Contract

I’ll present you with a quote, and a service contract. We’ll go through the service contract together and make any agreed upon edits. When you decide you are ready to move forward, we’ll sign it and get the process rolling.

Step 3: Mock Up Approval

At this point, you’ll pass on to me any content or images that you want to use on your website that you have not already supplied.  If we decide during the consultation that you need some assistance getting these things together, I’ll work with you on this. Then, I’ll come up with some rough ideas about the design and site structure, and present them as mock-ups. When we narrow down the best approach, you’ll approve the mock-ups.

Step 4: Development

After mock-ups have been approved, I will work on implementing the design. Development will take place first offline. When the design is complete, it will be moved online to your domain. It will be kept behind a password protected screen until the approval process and quality assurance is complete.

Step 5: Design Approval

At this point, you will be able to inspect your website by entering through the password protected screen. We will work together to determine any last minute edits, and then you will approve the site.

Step 6: Quality Assurance

After approval of the design, we will go through a quality assurance process to be sure that all the details are correct.

Step 7: Site Launch

Finally, we are ready to launch your site. We’ll remove the password protected screen, and your site will be available for all to see!

Step 8: Training

Last, if you selected the training option, we will schedule a training time to get you ready to take over the maintenance of your site. Congrats!

Responsive Design

All of my websites use responsive design. This means that no matter what device your audience is using to look at your website, it will function correctly and look beautiful. iPhone, iPad, large monitor? No problem.

Plugin Integration

With the huge variety of Plugins available for WordPress, we will be able to work out a solution for whatever your needs. Events calendar, customized map, portfolio? Using plugins, WordPress can do it.

SEO and Analytics

All websites automatically come with basic SEO (search engine optimization) integration to help your website rank well in search engines. They also come with Google Analytics installed, so you can easily analyze your traffic.


Which website service do you need?


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