Website Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Tasks

Website maintenance is vital your your website’s longterm health.  WordPress needs to be updated regularly in order for your to remain stable and secure. So do any other plugins that we use to run your site. After all major updates, your site must be tested to insure that everything still works properly.

Adding new content is another important part of website maintenance. New content needs to be added and edited to be sure to keep your site current, relevant, and engaging for your visitors. Adding new content regularly will also have a positive impact on your website’s ability to rank high in search engine results.

Another important part of website maintenance is something that many people only think about when it is too late. It is vital to have a good backup system in place. When the worst happens, you want to be sure that you haven’t t lost any important data. Having a good backup plan implemented before any major trouble can be a lifesaver.


 Your Maintenance Plan

Basic website maintenance tasks can easily be carried out by a website owner who has some time to spare. However, if you already have too much on your plate to take on this time commitment, consider signing up for a maintenance plan.  That way, your site will remain healthy and fresh without you having to think about all the little details. See the info about my maintenance plans below:

Maintenance Lite
  • WordPress updates: When available
  • Plugin updates: Weekly
  • Backup:  Monthly
  • Link checks: Weekly
  • No content updates included (Hours can be purchased as needed)
$25 / month
Maintenance Basic
  • 1 hour of content updates / month*
  • WordPress updates: When available
  • Plugin updates: Weekly
  • Backup:  Monthly
  • Link checks: Monthly
$45 / month
Maintenance Plus
  • 4 hours of content updates per month*
  • WordPress updates: When available
  • Plugin updates: Weekly
  • Backup:  Weekly
  • Link checks: Weekly
$150/ month

*Hours can be used at any time during the year if you pay annually.

Do you need some work done, but you don’t need an ongoing maintenance plan? Hire me @ $40/hour.

Which website service do you need?

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